Published: 2020-02-10

Effects of grape seed extract on properties of type I collagen scaffolds

Claudio Fernandes Garcia, Virginia C. A. Martins, Ana M. G. Plepis


Effect of crosslinker and nanostructure on adsorption and release of paraquat herbicide from different natural hydrogel nanocomposites

Renan da Silva Fernandes, Uilian Gabaldi Yonezawa, Marcia Regina de Moura, Fauze Ahmad Aouada


Surface-Modified Bacterial Cellulose with Mercaptosilane as a Multifunctional Platform

Nayara C. do Amaral, Amanda M. Claro, Gustavo C. Monteiro, Hernane S. Barud


Effects of calcium phosphates incorporation on structural, thermal and drug-delivery properties of collagen:chitosan scaffolds

Mirella Romanelli Vicente Bertolo, Virginia Conceição Amaro Martins, Ana Maria de Guzzi Plepis


Special session in honor of Antonio Carlos Massabni

Vera Regina Leopoldo Constantino, Pedro Paulo Corbi