Immobilization of biomolecules on natural clay minerals for medical applications

Karla Costa Bezerra Fontenele Oliveira, Andréia Bagliotti Meneguin, Luiz Carlos Bertolino, Edson Cavalcante da Silva Filho, José Roberto de Souza de Almeida Leite, Carla Eiras


Biomolecules are a group of organic entities that are important in many areas of research on nanomaterials and for biomedical and pharmaceutical applications. Advanced systems have been developed to attempt to protect the activity of biomolecules from rapid degradation and instability. Among these techniques, the incorporation or immobilization of biomolecules has become popular in the development of biocomposites. As such, clay minerals appear to be promising materials; combining a nanometer-scale size with their adsorptive capacity, lack of toxicity, and biocompatibility would result in enhanced biomaterial properties. This mini‑review discusses the recent advances concerning biological molecules immobilized on clay minerals and their biomedical applications as biosensors, in regenerative medicine, and even as controlled delivery systems.


Bionanocomposites; Biosensors; Tissue engineering; Delivery systems; Biomaterials.

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