Bacterial cellulose-based hydrogel for wound healing: characterization and in vitro evaluation

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Fernanda Mansano Carbinatto
Rafael Miguel Sábio
Andréia Bagliotti Meneguin
Silvia Emanoele Cestari
Sandra Andrea Cruz
Hernane da Silva Barud


Bacterial cellulose (BC) has been considered a promising biopolymer with applications in several areas of knowledge, including medicine, mainly due to its ability to assist in the treatment of dermal lesions. Many groups and companies have been making efforts to develop new BC-based materials in order to add new characteristics and therapeutic possibilities. Recently, Seven Indústria de Produtos Biotecnológicos Ltda company developed a BC-based hydrogel aiming to verify the interaction among the formulation components, its potential for wound healing and biocompatibility studies. BC-based hydrogel was characterized and compared with pristine BC film. Physicochemical characterization includes rheological measurements, thermal analyses, field emission gun - scanning electron microscopy (FE-SEM) and in vitro cell migration. BC-based hydrogel showed adequate interaction among the components of the formulation, which may positively influence its stability. In addition, the BC-based hydrogel accelerated the healing processes demonstrating its potential in dermal lesion treatment.


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Carbinatto, F. M., Sábio, R. M., Meneguin, A. B., Cestari, S. E., Cruz, S. A., & Barud, H. da S. (2018). Bacterial cellulose-based hydrogel for wound healing: characterization and in vitro evaluation. International Journal of Advances in Medical Biotechnology - IJAMB, 1(2), 21-30.
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