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Original Article

Vol. 6 No. 1 (2024)

Managing Knowledge for Pharma and Biotech Innovation



Knowledge Management (KM) involves a deliberate and systematic organization of people, processes, structure, and technology with the main objective of creating value for innovation from the reuse of data and information. Although there are several models for KM in various types of organizations, there is nothing concrete to integrate the knowledge generated in collaborative University-Industry projects. This work aimed to gather elements for the creation of a sustainable model of effective articulation in this scenario. It is a strategic action that can bring benefits of intellectual, economic, and social impact. This research used different instruments: systematic mapping, questionnaires, and experience reports. The mapping highlighted the need to consider the following aspects for the development of KM models: collaborative/competitive arrangements, tacit/explicit knowledge managers and change screening. The questionnaire and report demonstrated that the challenges go beyond aspects such as data organization. They must prioritize the social aspect of knowledge sharing, using safe coordination to prevent misconduct.


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