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Review Article

Vol. 5 No. 1 (2022): March-September

Analysis of the Bioprinting Market in Brazil and its Status in the Global Scenario



Additive manufacturing (AM) is a constantly growing manufacturing technique that can be used from the prototyping stage to the final product in several industries. 3D bioprinting is a variant of conventional AM that uses bioinks, i.e., inks with the presence of cells, to manufacture living biological structures. These structures can be used in applications in the medical field and with therapeutic potential, such as the fabrication of tissues and organ models, drug testing, among others. Considering its importance in the global scenario, this work aimed to evaluate the growth related to 3D bioprinting research in Brazil and in the world, and to analyze the Brazilian market compared to the global panorama. For this, qualitative research, literature search in research bases, and the search for patent records were used. The exponential increase of studies in the area was identified, through graphs with trend lines, exposing its enormous potential for development. It was possible to perceive the notable advance in the use of bioprinting worldwide, as well as in Brazil, a leader in research in the area in Latin America, although it is still lagging behind other countries, occupying the twentieth position worldwide in scientific contributions.


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