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Research Articles

Vol. 5 No. 2 (2023): October-February

O Entrepreneurship in biotechnology in Brazil: the path to innovation development



Studies and debates on entrepreneurship, innovation, and biotechnology have been highlighted on the world stage. Considering this context, it is necessary to evaluate innovation and its consequences for the entrepreneur because innovation is a fundamental requirement for the success of the entrepreneur, especially when it involves the biotechnology area. Innovation has the power to create a new product, a market success, and generate economic benefits for the company. In this context, this work aims to understand through literature research how the insertion of innovation in entrepreneurship can contribute to the biotechnology area. To gain the necessary understanding of the theme, the methodology used was bibliographic research with the purpose of collecting and synthesizing existing knowledge. The results found showed that there are gaps between entrepreneurship and the process of searching for innovation, the selection of ideas, and the challenges facing the changes needed for the entrepreneur's initiatives to be successful. In the biotechnology area, entrepreneurship can assist in innovation processes as well as strengthen the capacity for competitiveness. Therefore, this research puts into debate the relevant aspects of entrepreneurship, the innovation process in the biotechnology area, and its impact on the economy and society.


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