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International Journal of Advances in Medical Biotechnology (IJAMB) is a peer-reviewed open access journal which provides a forum for discussion and dissemination of studies in Medical Sciences and Biotechnology fields. As a scientific publisher, IJAMB will focus on the dissemination of Original Papers, Reviews, Mini-reviews, Perspectives, Emerging Technologies and Spotlights relating scientific discoveries and inventions. The submitted papers should indicate the novelty and significant advances to the current state of knowledge and understanding of the proposed topic.

In this context, the IJAMB emerged as a means of sharing new knowledge oriented towards to the future which is related to the most relevant advances on Medical Sciences and Biotechnology fields. Therefore, the topics of interest to the current journal include: Regenerative Medicine; Biomembranes and Biopolimers; Slow delivery systems of drugs; Medical devices; Medical chemistry organic and inorganic; 3D structures; Growth factors; Tissue Engineering; Electronic technologies for health applications and papers focusing on biological, physiological and pharmacological modelling molecules.

As editorial guidance, the journal policy is based on the best practices of Brazilian and international scientific journals. Thus, the evaluation process adopted by the Journal is to publish peer-reviewed research which guarantees the confidentiality of authors and reviewers.

The Editorial Board is committed to build up a journal with international recognition and adequate indexation based on international and national data. We consider to analize content articles as commissioned, but the Journal is also open to welcome new ideas. Please contact the Editorial Office ( with your proposal; once a proposal is accepted or commissioned, detailed format guidelines will be provided.

Vol 2, No 2 (2019): OCTOBER-FEBRUARY

Table of Contents

Meeting of Natural Polymers - EPNAT

Claudio Fernandes Garcia, Virginia C. A. Martins, Ana M. G. Plepis
Nayara C. do Amaral, Amanda M. Claro, Gustavo C. Monteiro, Hernane S. Barud
Mirella Romanelli Vicente Bertolo, Virginia Conceição Amaro Martins, Ana Maria de Guzzi Plepis

Research Articles

Renan da Silva Fernandes, Uilian Gabaldi Yonezawa, Marcia Regina de Moura, Fauze Ahmad Aouada


Several authors

Special session in honor of Antonio Carlos Massabni

Antonio Carlos Massabni, Gilson José da Silva
Antonio Carlos Massabni, Marco Antonio da Costa Borges
Antonio Carlos Massabni, Leiraud Hilkner de Souza
Jhonatan Miguel Silva, Antonio Carlos Massabni
Antonio Carlos Massabni, Oreonnilda de Souza