Recent advances of synthesis of Boron derivatives and their applications in bioimaging

Blanca M. Muñoz-Flores, Abigail Molina-Paredes, Jesús Lara-Cerón, Víctor M. Jiménez-Pérez


The increasing interest in the luminescent boron materials is due to their potential application in diverse areas such as solar cells, optoelectronic devices, and biological imaging materials. Continuous search for the compounds with better properties, luminescent organoboron materials have been gaining more importance, especially in the development of new technologies and novel techniques for bioimaging, which is a powerful tool to analyze the cellular organelles with important value into the cell biology and medical research. Synthesis, properties, and applications of luminescent boron compounds and their application in bioimaging are reviewed.



Luminescent; Boron; Synthesis; Bioimaging

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