Recent advances in methods of synthesis and applications of bacterial cellulose/calcium phosphates composites in bone tissue engineering

Ricardo Barbosa de Sousa, Ewerton Gomes Vieira, Andréia Bagliotti Meneguin, Rafael Miguel Sábio, Josy Anteveli Osajima Furtini, Edson Cavalcanti da Silva Filho


Bacterial cellulose (BC) is a nanofibrous biomaterial biosynthetized by a series of acetic bacteria with unique properties with application in many tissue engineering purposes. Calcium phosphates (CPs), mainly hydroxyapatite, are bioceramics that possess similar composition of host bones and are able to stimulate osteoconduction and osteointegration to living tissues. Bacterial cellulose-calcium phosphates composites have caught the attention of researchers by their excellent mechanical properties and biocompatibility, being considered an excellent proposal to development of new synthetic grafts to bone tissue engineering. The minireview presented here focuses on various fabrication methods used to prepare and novel applications of BC-CPs composites and their applications in BTE.



Biomaterials; Biocomposites; Tissue Engineering; Bacterial cellulose; Calcium Phosphates.

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